Latest NTST News:

New Hi-Tech Coatings:

Aluminum Nitride (AlN)

Porcelain (MbP)

Boron Carbide (B4C)

Cubic Boron Nitride (c-BN)

          Hex Boron Nitride (h-BN)

            Chromium Nitride (CrN)

              Silicon Carbide (SiC)

            Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)

Titanium Nitride (TiN)

Zirconium Nitride (ZrN)

Fire Prevention

Titanium Diboride (TiB2)


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Thermal spray coatings are

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      NTST Polymer & Fluropolymer Coatings

NTST has developed the capability to fabricate polymer coatings. These coatings can be fabricated  at a customer’s site for applications including architectural, automotive, agricultural, construction, metal,  and general functional uses.

NTST is capable of fabricating coatings of any polymer but especially epoxies, polyurethanes, polyesters, and hybrids as illustrated in Figures 1 and 2.  Fluropolymers such as FEP, PFA, and ETFE are also fabricated as illustrated in Figure 3 using a proprietary NTST process. 


All NTST polymer coatings are designed to provide the right combination of toughness, durability, appearance, and value. The coatings are available in a wide array of colors and are ideal for indoor and outdoor application.  NTST polymer coatings exhibit excellent hardness, flexibility, temperature resistance, exterior durability, corrosion protection, and chemical and solvent resistance.  They can be used in anti-slip applications, and for artistic/aesthetic uses.

The number of industrial applications for extending lifetime of parts and machinery is continually increasing.  These polymer coatings provide a tough finish with outstanding corrosion protection and wear resistance.  Polymer coatings are non-polluting and provide economic advantages over paint.

Figure 1.  Polyurethane coating

Figure 2.  Epoxy coating on elbow

Figure 3.  Fluoropolymer coatings